End of In Art

End of In Art

Robert Enoch, 2001

It is through desire that we know ourselves but in a world of solicitation we must develop a suspicious faculty, for if our desires themselves are not authentic, how can we be? And so to the right to search for that which is intuitively felt to be meaningful. Outside the desire to make products, the need to find my self and understand my self: to find a Way. Sometimes through sensual passions that tear me apart although I long for an authentic homeostasis, a calm that invigorates. Following vague inclinations, ideas without known outcomes – nothing I can consciously decipher I make notes and photographs and journeys. Beyond taste, beyond likes and dislikes, where the self is clarified as neither good nor bad. The act itself or the recognition of a symbol in an image, defined by its extraction from the natural environment: hooks and buoys, markers, clues and directions. Caught between instinct and civilization, chaos and order, I find I am a mutation of the two. I live in blasted earth where nothing can grow. I am a lost soul, stripped of persona. In our absolutely structured world, humanity has rarely been reconciled to its own instincts. They are driven underground and buried in the illusions of vicarious experience in violent sports and movies, pornography, crime and drugs abuse. Or they find their way to the surface as neuroses or fictions. But there is no way ‘back’ to infantile transparency, there is only the confused moment, the mutation that contaminates authenticity.

Life cannot be denied, not even in No Man’s Land, because as long as blood is pumping through one’s veins and however absurdly pointless life seems it is still absolutely undeniable!

Caught between psychological responsibility and physical responsibility can there be Art? Here I arrive at an Art without a gallery where product making and exhibition are no longer required as justification, for it exists beyond the mechanisms of the ego and becomes something like religion…perhaps. The self finds in ideas and impulses that which generates an authentic life experience. If this is not so, then creativity represents nothing but another human game, something to do to give us the impression we exist and help to relieve boredom.

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